LV Mousika who will be the New Goddess


Mousika, spokesman for this kind of thing, and designers always have all kinds of connections with contact, have a look Chanel, from Vanessa Paradis, Diane Kruger to Keira Knightley, Blake Lively, and Baptiste Giabiconi, which is not a Lafayette pulled in hand is not willing to let go of love? Since the Hedi Slimane go to take office, “music project advertising” to occupy the Saint Laurent ad, the music turns into battle, Marilyn Manson, Courtney Love, The Gardens, Daft Punk band band have become the protagonist of black and white pictorial. Jennifer Lawrence bit is used her unbelievable screen presence shocked Raf Simons, which was invited to become the new spokesperson Dior. As for the LV, the latest release of the spring summer 2014 advertising, the French national treasure of the goddess Catherine Deneuve, talented director Sophia Coppola, supermodel Giselle Bundchen, French supermodel Caroline de Maigret, the British supermodel Edie Campbell, and Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, the pony elder brother put him on the last ad LV tracts to the six have been given him inspiration goddess, among them some of his close friend is good, there is his Mousika, so that the designer’s “close friend”, “Mousika” is the “voice” the most powerful competitive person.


Then, we might as well look at Nicolas’s Mousika who had? First comes to mind is the twilight female Kristen Stewart, actress and designer become good close friend is not what strange things, but the little K so cool to the bone of the female star arms designer thigh is always some people imagine, in the K14 years old, also don’t know what’s in the twilight in a magazine interview, small K met Nicolas and his design talents impressed, she said: “from the fashion in my eyes became not so superficial, if I enter the fashion circle, I followed Nicolas”. Sure enough, when she grew up, she did, she was wearing Balenciaga clothing to attend various red carpet, Balenciaga show she will support the scene, has become the Balenciaga perfume spokesperson…… So he moved to Nicolas to LV, so “follow him” little K will decide on what path to follow? The latest news is, K will remain Blenciaga of perfume, but awkward is, current Balenciaga designer Alexander Wang is supermodel Libertu Ross’s friend, Libertu Ross’s husband is Rupert Sanders, a small K closer objects……


In addition, Nicolas female star fans and America actor Chloe Sevigny, she’s wearing Nicolas early in the Balenciaga design, smooth among the ranks of IT girl. The French character actress, Jane Birkin’s daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg, and USA actress Jennifer Connelly are all his fans. So these people will be the birth of a new LV goddess? We can only wait and see.

LV Huanshuai debut will be staged new chapter pony brother times LV


The farewell is a memorial, so Marc Jacobs in Louis Vuitton, and Nicolas Ghesquiere at the last show of Blenciaga have become precious. And two people in his old club offering ten years of youth, so “the last show” has the meaning of sublimation, indelible in this two brand history timeline painted on a pen. It is because of Louis Weedon, the pony elder brother and Nicolas more of a be associated together in a way: Nicolas raising ponies brother in LV.

The pony elder brother hand over his LV


As a result, memorial Libi, to the future to see. Winter 2014 Paris fashion week, the last day of March 5th last staged LV drama will be the Nicolas’s debut show, naturally become the Paris fashion week’s most watched show.

Easily reminiscent of waiting for the Hedi Slimane shortly before the first Saint Laurent show, Raf Simons first Dior show, and the first Balenciaga show Alexander Wang at the scene, the design of their own personality and creative genius, and behind them strong and heavy fashion house history into chemical reaction is very wonderful: the same is smoking, Saint Mr. Laurent hands is elegant “old woman”, Hedi Slimane. They become part of the “cool woman”; the same is New Look, Galliano building is elegant play park, Raf Simons put it into simple and refreshing garden; the same is Parisian Chic (the Paris fashion style), Ghesquiere shows the curve beauty quite classical architectural aesthetics, T Wang is more a sense of outline of modern beauty……

Like the colt brother so free to do their own designers in the LV 16 years, has created the innumerable amazing moment, his love of pop culture and art, and he was in the fashion design talent, let him do a job with skill and ease in all three, in collaboration with Stephen Sprouse graffiti series, and Murakami Takashi cooperation candy series, and Kusama Yayoi cooperation wave series…… The T table is “pretty nurse”, a military uniform wind, SM plot, a train, a fountain…… Little brother is interesting, is full of the spirit of entertainment, under his leadership, LV is full of surprises.

The next LV what

16 years of age pony brother past, LV in Nicolas era. Compared with the defiant, enjoy the exposure in the spotlight before little brother, Nicolas Ghesquiere is a doesn’t like personal emotional display in front of the public, accept Interview magazine in 2010, he was admitted a lot of pressure is from their own, this also let him have no security, “every season of new design out, I hope to design ideas and their own can let my own satisfaction, the pressure also let a person very addictive, I also try to make yourself calm, because fashion is a crazy world.” If the colt brother is put outside, then Nicolas is restrained, but like a pony elder brother, Nicolas also like a lot, what art, music, with the words “his own your own way of life itself is the most things with your inspiration”, so it seems that LV and art circle, cultural circle a variety of crossover will not stop, just might change a kind of way to show us.

Nicolas design is fashionable and avant-garde, he also from science fiction films such as “Star Wars”, 70′s “escape” and other underground heaven inspiration, moving elements can often find him in his design. Speaking of Nicolas, and one had to mention that “locomotive”, is he let the “locomotive” become the Balenciaga logo, also let this handbag in Hollywood, even as many stars collectibles, now he quit LV, will be in terms of accessories to what LV brings fresh blood? Unlike Balenciaga, LV itself is making leather bags reputation has already started, in the outside, so expect people already unable to bear? Nicolas don’t give yourself too much pressure.

Louis Vuitton Huanshuai debut boasting stand modern design down to earth


Louis Vuitton (Louis Weedon) released in 2014 autumn and winter clothing brand clothing series at Paris fashion week. The season series topic is full, the new creative director Nicolas Ghesqui è re show debut. Steady model, pieces of real wear of a single product, good decoration, must hit every season! Although the Marc Jacobs style to be quite different, but modern many. Package design very carefully and chic, travel hard box style shoulder bag won numerous media praise!

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Foreign media: the expansion of global luxury brands in China frustrated

Global luxury goods giants are slowing the speed of expansion in China , as more consumers go shopping abroad , while mall operators will taste bitter .

Knight Frank Research and Woods Bagot on 43 retailers showed that two-thirds of high-end retailers in China last year, the number of new shop below the target , H & M and Zara and other low-end apparel brand expansion speed is beyond the target .
This change reflects the influence of the Chinese government to combat the high-end gifts, Chinese people go abroad to buy luxury goods as well as the middle class looking for an affordable brand .

Welcome to this brand Samsonite consumers turn to low-end . Last year , the company opened 200 new stores in China this year, the target is 500 .

“We do not need the brand seems to be before they need luxury brands. Balance is changing .” Ramesh Tainwala , president of the Middle East Rookie Maria Tai said .

Tainwala said in Qingdao and Urumqi department stores , Samsonite is now able to get the best shops , a year ago can only be classified as a luggage brand.

Commercial Real Estate Services Group of Cushman & Wakefield executives JamesHawkey expects China ‘s 30 large cities are being developed 700 shopping centers, department stores and discount stores , up to a quarter may fail, developers may lose up to $ 150 billion .

” Retailers rapid expansion in the end , but not enough to use up all of the shopping center .”

He noted that in some cities , such as Chengdu and Shenyang , there may be 10 shopping centers under construction , while Zara and H & M such businesses are only going to open two Sanjiadian .

For luxury brands , their stores in China, more and more consumers become the place to see the goods , and buying behavior occurs overseas.

Out of counterfeit goods doubts and avoidance needs, China has rich overseas shopping. Lower visa requirements and desire for new experiences prompted a growing number of Chinese people overseas markets, the number of trips abroad last year reached 100 million , an increase of 20%.

The world’s largest luxury goods group LVMH plans to slow down to 4-5 % annual rate of expansion in China , about half of the 2013 ‘s .

“I can confirm that , do not intend to develop second-tier or four -tier cities , we still want to appear in the iconic area .” LVMH CEO and Chairman BernardArnault last month, analysts said.

In China ‘s luxury off-season really started?

Before publishing center ” prohibiting public spending ” and ban the amount of China’s luxury consumption already showing an increasing trend. And some extent, this reflects the consumer is with the development of our country ‘s economic strength and to consume ” upgrade .” At the same time , I believe that this consumption was upgraded although some degree of control , but in the long term, consumption upgrade can not be curbed.

According to the China Economic Times reported , in 2013 , had been in the fast-growing Chinese luxury market for the first time felt the pressure : the world’s largest luxury goods group LVMH Chief Financial Officer Jean-JacquesGuiony Group recently released 2013 earnings , said that in 2013 its performance greatly influenced by China , in 2013 the annual Chinese consumers Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) brand both domestic and foreign consumption only increased by 5% , while a few years before had double-digit growth ; world’s third largest luxury goods group Cayenne (Kering) announcing the 2013 third quarter financial statements for the first time acknowledged the decline in performance in China , its core brand Gucci (Gucci) the poor performance of the Asia-Pacific region .
In addition, according to the U.S. consulting firm Bain & Company recently released ” 2013 China’s luxury market research ” , following a 7% growth in 2012 , 2013 mainland Chinese luxury goods market growth to slow further expected growth rate will about 2 %, which is expected to slow growth trend will continue in 2014 .

A common feature is that luxury brands and market research firm for the above phenomenon, without exception, considered one of the reasons that the Chinese government policy to combat corruption consumption.

Under political pressure , the luxury off-season in China really started?

After going bubble

2013 , luxury brands have been caused by the withdrawal of Shanghai Bund market attention : Armani (Giorgio Armani) and Dolce & Gabbana flagship store (Dolce & Gabbana) flagship store closed at Three on the Bund and Bund Shanghai No.6 ; Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe ) and Boucheron (Boucheron) also withdrew Bund 18 .

According to Bain & Company research and write the ” 2013 China’s luxury market research,” 20 involved in research on global luxury brands , the number of new stores in China from about 150 last year, a decrease of 100 to around , a decrease of approximately one-third. Since most of 2013 comparable store sales decline of luxury brands , they turned the focus of the current renovation , relocation and operational improvement stores.

In addition to reducing stores, sales of some categories are also greatly affected. Louis Vuitton , Hermes (Hermes) and other brands have expressed jewelry, watches sales in China have decreased or slowdown in 2013 quarterly and annual reports. According to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry , the 2013 full year , Swiss watch exports to the mainland Chinese market fell by 12.5%. In addition , Hennessy , Remy Martin , Martell said a sharp decline in 2013 sales in China will greatly affect the Group’s operating profit.

Focused on the domestic luxury market research firm Wealth Institute provides quality to the China Economic Times reporter ‘s ” 2013 China Luxury Report” tells the mystery : most European countries and consumers for their purchase and consumption of various luxury, business Chinese consumers to buy gifts is apparent purpose and consumption of luxury goods . Tobacco, watches, jewelry is the most common gifts.

However , just a peek at these signs , the luxury brand in 2013 in China ‘s growth performance is still impressive. Hermes 2013 in Asia ( except in Japan ) , sales rose by 16% , the Americas and Europe grew by 14% and 12% respectively , sales in Japan rose 7% , its CEO said the huge potential of the Chinese consumer . Prada (Prada) 2013 Asia-Pacific sales grew by 11% , which was 826 million euros in sales in Greater China in the Asia-Pacific region accounted for 23% , at constant exchange rates grew 15 %. Kou Chi (Coach) the most dazzling performance in China , according to its 2013 /2014 fiscal year, the first two quarterly reports , the July 2013 -September sales rose 35% in October -December sales growth of 25% , the entire fiscal year is expected to reach $ 530 million in sales.

According to research quality wealth Institute , in 2013 , although the global luxury goods market is facing a lot of pressure , but the total capacity of the global luxury market is still at a record $ 217 billion , annual growth rate of 11% . One particularly prominent bright spot is that Chinese domestic consumption of luxury goods market is $ 28 billion , an increase of 3% , consumption abroad is further strengthened , reaching $ 74 billion , that is, the Chinese luxury consumption of 2013 total $ 102 billion , or about 6000 more than one hundred million yuan , it also shows that the Chinese bought 47% of the world’s luxury goods , is the largest customer undisputed global luxury market .

The market has changed

“We believe that the real spring luxury industry is just beginning .” Wealth Quality Institute president Zhou Ting said that with the increasingly well-developed logistics and information flow to bring transparency of information , and expand consumer groups to bring the popular and fashion , and e-commerce -driven business model changes , retail upgrade is inevitable, but to Chinese people at the core of the new spending power rise worldwide , is a breakthrough management experience person in charge of many luxury brands , which all contributed to the luxury structural adjustment within the market . More prominent phenomenon is hot and luxury electric light luxury brand ‘s position increasingly rising . “Light the current rapid development of the luxury brand , thanks to its noble quality, a certain degree of scarcity and relatively low prices. Lightweight luxury brands to join a luxury camp , verifying the luxury and fashion of the popular trend .”

“We did not deliberately pursue product layout light luxury brand, but to give Chinese consumers seek to improve the quality of life thing, it may very well , but the price is not high , but on the other hand , light , such as Coach, MichaelKors, KateSpade etc. luxury brand sales network serves indeed among the best, popular with Chinese consumers . ” domestic fashion and luxury electric providers website serves network relevant person in charge of the China Economic Times reporter that their advantage lies in the rapid response. For example , during the Spring Festival this year , we believe all the official microblogging private letter received by a large number of fans and a message saying the hit drama after which hyun buy clothes , “You come from the stars ,” we received immediately set up buyers team to find and introduce to the fastest line. This is our approach and advantage , the first time to understand the needs of the fans , but also the first time to meet the needs of the fans .

Report wealth Quality Institute believes that e-commerce site because of its large customer data base , beginning with the new media tools into the media field, or even directly into the traditional media market . “This electricity supplier , whether it is for consumers to understand , or have a number of readers as well as sales associate degree , more advantages than the traditional media , so the electricity supplier will traditional media into the media sector particularly lethal fashion media blow . ”

In addition , wealth Quality Institute also believes that the main stage Chinese consumers to buy luxury goods abroad because the domestic price differences , but ” foreign traditional stores and duty free channels will be a huge impact on electricity suppliers and other new circulation patterns .”

“We also noticed that the phenomenon occurs in the majority of consumer behavior abroad , this just reflects the electricity supplier ‘s opportunity , so we contacted the powerful top international suppliers and buyers resource team to keep up with the new foreign sync you in France goods purchased will not be cheaper than the catwalks network . Why ? we are Europe ‘s 50% off the retail price of the purchase, after rebate , plus tariffs and logistics, the final price is consistent with the European retail price is even lower in order to help the consumer those who make the greatest possible reduction of freight, we have established our own warehouse in the United States and Europe to integrate goods , bulk transport , to minimize the freight . ” above serves network official said.

People bought half of the global luxury goods

Chinese luxury market research firm Wealth-quality Institute research shows that in 2013, the total capacity of the global luxury market reached a record $ 217 billion, annual growth rate of 11%. Among them, the Chinese luxury goods market, domestic consumption $ 28 billion, an increase of 3%, consumption abroad to further strengthen, reaching $ 74 billion, total consumption of luxury goods that Chinese people was $ 102 billion, equivalent to 47% of the global Chinese people bought luxury , is the largest customer.

Business gifts are Chinese consumers to buy luxury goods and consumer obvious purpose. It is worth mentioning that the low asset occupied the highest proportion of consumers to buy luxury goods, they rarely for the purpose of increasing the value of the purchase, more is to improve the quality of life.
Research also shows that in 2013, before the eyes of most Chinese consumers of luxury goods category preservation were three watches, jewelry and artwork.

The secret behind the original single luxury : Chanel bag thousands less than two thousand dollars can buy

CHANEL bag on one million original single goods less than 2,000 yuan can buy , limited edition print many years ago , still has the original single goods . Reporters recently in Beijing , Haikou , Changsha and other places visited found that many businesses were wearing the original single goods, one to one, original leather and other international luxury goods to sell banner . Exactly which geometry ? Consumers then how to identify true and false ?

Original single goods is not pie is a trap
Reporters in Haikou City, Hainan Province, a number of shops visited luxury luggage trafficking found that sellers have played the original single goods in the store , one to one production, the original leather advertising.

” Businessmen mouth refers to those with the original single authentic in the same manufacturers , using the same material goods but also due to factors such as low-cost labor , foreign brands will raw materials, parts, and so on to get the version producing countries to produce, then a chance to go back to sales. taking into account the loss of raw materials finished products in various aspects , will give 3% of raw materials while providing manufacturers after the completion of the order , with the remaining ingredients , secretly making exactly the same version of the type of products, which is original single goods . ” high imitation luxury stores operating in the micro-channel small sand ( a pseudonym ) told reporters explained .

“In fact, the so-called original single goods , and I are from the city of Guangzhou leather into , if it is a custom or original than a leather bag and then getting goods from the factory .” Small Chastain made ​​.

The industry has long been engaged in Haikou, a luxury purchasing , told reporters that the real original single luxury goods do not exist , ” the only authentic with fake luxury goods , and goods with fake Caifen A super A cargo , such as bags Some just use a fake and genuine leather are very similar , so-called original leather , sellers fool consumers call it the original single, original leather . ”

The person in charge of a well-known brand of men’s Guangdong OEM factory , told reporters that the luxury brand management of the factory is very strict on raw materials, processing, transportation and other sectors are everywhere checks, will not let the quality of the goods into the market , nor Also quietly saving raw materials manufacturers make products situations that may arise .

“A lot of high-end luxury and sophisticated materials , raw materials are provided by the customer , which is the industry calls” off feed . ” For instance, we do a garment , piece of material over a certain area are to be counted , and some important accessories , such as buttons , trademarks , etc., it is in accordance with the number of pieces manufactured rationing if there is defective , will be the brand’s resident management staff taken away , while the plant would not be in production for more than a few cheap original single goods will destroy the long-term supply agreements signed with these brands . ” the official said.

Imitation is difficult to achieve genuine quality

Haikou City State Parkway on decoding famous bag shop owner Mandy told reporters that her family sold the package has a ” grade” of the points, with a package of different materials and in accordance with the needs of the guests are not the same price . “This CHANEL bags have more than 700 million with more than 2,000 yuan in two .” Then Mandy took two reporters to see the appearance of the same packet .

Mandy said that if guests need can also be a “private order .” General basic private custom package prices are 8,000 yuan or even 10,000 yuan or more. Guests who have more than ten million in the original factory custom Hermes crocodile bag , manufacturers also specifically does not hurt to go to Thailand to find the crocodile , and then by specialized designers design, detail from the suture to be able to meet the needs of guests .

Like this customized package to meet all the needs of the guests , even the package identification , a small ticket , dust bags and shopping bags can do the whole . “Even professionals can not be seen , and even the price all add up to less than half the original price .” Mandy said.

A use of micro-channel marketing shopkeepers in their circle of friends exhibited a variety of exquisite luxury jewelry and fashion models indicate -DIOR suit, plus alloy acrylic, wearing earrings necklace can go to the counter too close to true and false. The owner told reporters that his family jewels are ordinary imitation goods, materials are generally silver with rhodium , zircon , etc., just as the style and genuine .

The shopkeeper told reporters frankly , like a classic pendant , imitation and genuine , like a Cartier uses a real gold and gem material Truesilver , prices have a thousand dollars, but compared to genuine added too much brand value many hundreds of million of price or cheaper. ” Shenzhen side has a lot of jewelry processing enterprises , exquisite workmanship, sophisticated models can be done very realistic .”

For the above these claims , insiders told reporters , according to the so-called original genuine leather bag is actually doing the playing board , leather making comparison and a good number , but certainly not with a genuine leather . The hardware and other details , it is impossible and authentic same. Some high imitation brand clothing material is also just and genuine close it. “Like a big classic trench coat lined with plaid fabric weave quite complex , there are differences seem welcoming light and backlit , imitation goods is impossible to achieve such an effect .” Which experts said .

Sale of counterfeit luxury goods or punished

State Parkway in the city of Haikou , the reporter rough count , there are up to six such high-end stores selling imitations . In Changsha, Hunan ‘s major shopping streets , such as tide , DC, Mi Leighton Road , imitation luxury goods sales in stores Jinmandi is everywhere , in Changsha , high imitation luxury sales shop ” for Arts Hall” even open to the five a street Avenue . Reporter survey found that although most consumers know that the store is selling counterfeit goods are still in droves.

Reporters on State Parkway to the city of Haikou decoding famous bag shop , just a half an hour to shop there three regular customers . Mandy said the state ‘s store has been opened up to two years , she has accumulated years of operation a lot of customers , business is booming , many guests are far in the field of micro letter with her orders.

“The sale of fake luxury goods and we often play the” guerrilla warfare ” , often they hear someone inspect it up will advance to fake . Inspections players do not see these products, there is no way for them to investigate .” Hainan 12315 command Center director , deputy director of the Bureau of Haikou City Xiao Liang said , consumers find counterfeit products can be purchased at any time call 12315 complaints , the business sector will be dealt with promptly .

Shaanxi Hi-Tech field Lawyer Zhang Wenkai told reporters that the original single goods sold is higher than the price of ordinary goods , but there is no mark , this act of walking a fine line brand damage is enormous. Director of the Center for Economic Research of Renmin University of China Leisure Wang Yanqi believes , however, that high imitation luxury goods are infringing . Legal experts have warned that if the bulk purchase of high imitation luxury goods monopoly , the same alleged offense , because these products are usually priced higher , it will be subject to penalties if the law punished . Insiders also reminded ordinary buyers , do not believe any so-called original single goods, higher price to quality not as good as other brands of luggage .

Zhang Xinyuan’s new LV fashion sexy sultry


Zhang Xinyuan in the LV (Louis Vuitton/ Louis Weedon) take a fashionable

Zhang Xinyuan in the LV 2013 series of autumn and winter clothing, lying in the same color silk dress, with the shape curve sexy, deductive LV 2013 winter series “pajamas”. A retro red lips and classic Plaid mutual mix, compared with model, Zhang Xinyuan neck and hands are put on the soil Hockin accessories, deduce the light of luxury, in addition, hairstyles are identical, copy the battle.

LV 2013 winter series

The LV 2013 series of autumn and winter clothing, low-key style dress, pajamas, sexy lips, however, poisoning, serious expression, rustic sandals, simply reversed temperament.

Zhang Xinyuan retro red lips, the eyes, the dark red background, makes people feel slightly depressed, more retro hair styling, in a sequined dress, outside with LV 2013 series of autumn and winter coat jacket, showing a dignified and elegant retro atmosphere.

LV 2013 winter long paragraph plaid coat, beam on a fine black belt, retro style.

Zhang Xinyuan put on LV light colored plaid coat, cut with white color, and more with classical corsage, unexpectedly produced the effect of icing on the cake.

Foreign media: LV new designers debut deliver the goods


LV designer debut deliver the goods

Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) fashion show is one of the most anticipated event of the season, so in the last day of Paris fashion week last staged. The show marks a significant shift in LV: Farewell to indulge in the wildest fantasy romantic, elegant pragmatism in. LV creative director Marc Jacobs seat from transition sentimental sentimental to brain Nicolas Ghesqui è re, significant changes in the style of become the focus of attention.

Designer Nicolas Ghesqui è re LV into the most prestigious luxury brand, “traditional and modern” to balance the need to brand, LV chief executive Michael Burkesaid so in the conference defined the current designer mission: “the courage to lead our eternal. No need to be seen time.”

The fashion show in Paris’s Le Louvre Museum Cour Carr é e (square inner court) held, the decoration style is low, the seat of ups and downs, a beige cloth wrapped in white seat, silver metal louver covered both sides site tent.

The whole atmosphere continues the Ghesqui è re era of modern breath, fashion shows that he knew every skill. Ghesqui è re with rational design clothes, not in a profound philosophical quagmire, but at the same time, seize the two direction of art and technology, every detail to draw out, and then use the perfect form give them flesh.

Designer Ghesqui è re: “clothes must be practical.”

Those who expect to see a make an empty show of strength debut of the spectators. Ghesqui è re, Balenciaga, the traditional kernel into the futuristic appearance, and joined the edge street elements. And now, he did not show his definition of LV design, just beautiful there is real clothes, for many women, and let all women want to wear clothes. He said he wasn’t from a story or theme of his life, who like to dress up the elegant woman gave him the inspiration.

“Clothes must be practical.” Ghesqui è re explained: “my side of the girls want to wear what? I have a lot of woman, I have been listening to their ideas, I think of this every little bit is collected, and then mixed together, made a wardrobe.”

Although there is no theme, the clothes are still exudes a certain subtle 60 in the atmosphere, such as dress and skirt is cut into a A shape, details, large pockets and exaggerated zipper also retro flavor. Ghesqui è re favorite has been mixed fabrics, creating impressive with the assignor, especially large wide stripe knit top, and dress leather diagonal stripe mosaic.

Package box this season can make you immediately from the crowd in the talent showing itself, diagonal quilting Mini trunk particularly fascinating.

Overall, Ghesqui è re LV debut are amazing, attractive but practical clothing, also meet the specific needs, no doubt will become many women.

Hongkong luxury: carrying LV buy discounted goods


Until I came to Hongkong, began a concept — the famous shop in the legend of the “luxury”, let me have to passive knowledge. Those who put in the window at Shijiwanyi a backpack, I see all dare not look. I don’t agree with is not the aesthetic standard of luxury, but I think, if my bag is not worth so much money, back such expensive package a bit have the order reversed.

In a supermarket in Hongkong, I often see such a scene: carrying a LV bag “Lady” in a pile of discount goods side pick to pick, I often laugh at. I think, the designer of LV saw this scene, will ask themselves Is it right? Wrong what, unexpectedly let luxury and cheap discount product mix together.

My this too pragmatic view of consumption in Hongkong nationhood, even by a friend living in Shenzhen attack. In my opinion, Shenzhen is the China in consumption patterns and styles, and even the closest to imitate a city of Hongkong. I am a love own review of Aquarius, once I thought, maybe I was wrong.

Not long ago, I took a Harvard University professor of public management in a Hongkong public party. The Jewish Americans have we met for the first time the location of the election in Tsim Sha Tsui, a Mongolia cuisine buffet restaurant. I am the class went straight to the restaurant, see the professor didn’t speak, he could not help himself mumbled English, I dressed up. I have a look him, a Harvard sportswear, jeans, a pair of casual shoes, an environmental protection bag; and then have a look my windbreaker HK $seven hundred, a discount, a 600 silk cashmere double scarf, a buy back from USA COACH package (Hongkong price is 1/4), LEVIS discount is a pair of trousers, again a bit more expensive Japanese women.

I swear, I this dress, both in my classmates and friends, are very inconspicuous that have the Spring Festival schoolmate at college — during the party, but we have the female students back to PRADA, oh, if I’m not wrong words, package also a Hermes small towel. We graduated from university less than five years.

The meal to eat very happy, we talked a lot about the topic, mainland, Hongkong and Taiwan. The professor said, he is like Taiwan, Hongkong and mainland have different feeling and the streets of Taipei — not so much BMW.

The back of the day, I took him to a public gathering, with the last lesson, I had to change the jeans and casual jacket, the Americans this time quite frankly said, love to see it. With thousands of people walking together in the street, he didn’t stop mumbling, tell me, in Boston, the city only a shop in LV, a Cartier, scale, but is a LV we pass by as large corner somewhere in central.

We discuss the concept of “luxury”. I admit, before the professor, I always think of luxury and expensive things equivalence, till I know the word luxury may also mean things that are hard to get. If there are luxuries, originally the strange thing will become commonplace. As in Hongkong, now I can use luxury, they rarely had the chance to lavish and mainland like-minded friends sun tea; like Shenzhen, in imitation of Hongkong luxury consumption, but not like people in Hongkong luxury held the weekend party.